Who We Are

Evergreen structure with over $10 billion under management. Offices in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

We know what it takes to transform an industry: strategic insight, patient capital and great execution. We support owner-managers on all three of these dimensions.

We recognize that every company is unique and that extraordinary business performance cannot be achieved by following a formulaic approach. Due to our unique structure, we have a great deal of flexibility in the types of companies and situations where we can get involved.

Perhaps most importantly, we know that real transformation takes time and that it’s never a straight line. We fully align our incentives with our partners and have the wherewithal and long-term commitment to see through any bumps along the way.

We’ve been successfully empowering owner-managers since 1985. Since our founding, our source of capital has been a European family group (mainly through their Artal investment vehicle). The exceptional returns from our evergreen investment strategy have allowed our modest initial pool of capital to grow to over $10 billion even after having distributed billions to our shareholders. Not having raised any outside funds has allowed us to focus all our energy on value creation through our investment activities.

We invite you to explore our website to get a sense of our passion for business and for uncovering levers that drive extraordinary business performance. If you share this passion, we would welcome the opportunity to meet you and see how we can work together.

► Hear from some of the owner-managers we’ve partnered with.

Why are we better aligned with the owner-managers we partner with?

  • We have an evergreen structure, which means we’re not forced to quickly realize investments in order to raise the next fund to collect additional management fees
  • We prefer to hold the same types of shares as the owner-managers and we do not charge transaction or monitoring fees
  • We are not compensated by management fees that are a function of the size of our fund and instead, like our owner-managers, we get the majority of our compensation when we realize the value created in the businesses

Everyone talks about partnership.

Our unique structure allows us to really foster it.

What are our investment activities?

We strive to apply the same business strategy driven approach across disciplines. We make equity investments in both private and public companies.

Invus Private Equity

On the private side, we focus on making investments in transformational opportunities with a long-term horizon. We are typically the only or the lead financial partner in our investments, where we can hold minority or majority stakes in companies. Based on our long-term, high-touch approach, we have a unique experience in working with companies through their lifecycle from the earlier growth stage to becoming successful public companies, where we tap into the synergies with our public equity platform. We also work seamlessly between our teams in the US, Europe and Asia, both during the investment stage and to help add value to our partner companies.

Invus Public Equity

We started our public equity investing activities in 2004. We take significant, long-term positions in public companies whose fundamentals and management we believe in. We focus on stocks that are trading below our assessment of their intrinsic business value. The average holding period in our public equity portfolio is not measured in weeks or months but years. Leveraging our deep expertise in the healthcare sector, we also work with our private equity team jointly investing in Series A and Series B rounds of private biotech companies making transformational bets on the future of healthcare, where we continue to support them as they go public.

Invus Opportunities

Invus Opportunities (“Invus Opps”) is a sister fund of Invus. Invus Opps is focused on partnering with market-leading management teams and investors in private transactions globally. With its differentiated heritage and capital base, Invus Opps brings a complementary dimension to growing companies and investor groups seeking to create lasting value. Invus Opps both leads rounds of financing and co-invests in syndicated financings and currently manages over $2 billion of assets.

Invus Financial Advisors

In 2006, Invus Financial Advisors, LLC (“IFA”) was spun off from The Invus Group, led by its CIO, Leslie Lake. Leslie has been managing a public equity long/short fund of funds since 1994 for Invus with a particular expertise and focus in emerging/early-stage hedge fund managers. She is joined by Gretchen Piller, Viktor Ula, Carmen Taton, Rachel Merluza and Lila Brown.

See the What We Look For section of the website for more details on the types of companies that get us excited.