Invus Financial Advisors (IFA)

In 2006 two former Invus partners, Sacha Lainovic and Leslie Lake, spun off a new firm: Invus Financial Advisors (IFA) to focus on two adjacent strategies on private equity and fund of hedge funds. Applying the same fundamentals, strategy-led approach, Invus Opportunities (IFA’s private equity team) invests directly in smaller companies, opportunistic co-investments, other unconventional illiquid opportunities, and specialized private equity funds. Since 1994, Sacha and Leslie have been successfully investing the liquid assets from our evergreen structure into a portfolio of alternative asset managers with a focus on long / short equity strategies. While we continue to be the largest investor in IFA funds, the spin-off has allowed IFA to attract additional long-term capital from other well-aligned investors and expand their teams. Leslie and Sacha are joined by Gretchen Piller, Bryan Kim, Benjamin Tsai, David Kahane, Viktor Ula, Julian Chernyk and Daniel Kilimnik.
Disclaimer: We are not an investment adviser and do not hold ourselves out to investors as such. We do not seek, solicit, or accept investors.